How to Draw Zayn Malik

Learn how to draw Zayn Malik in this seriously hot photo.

Follow the instructions below and read the drawing tips on how to draw Zayn Malik, and you’ll be able to complete your drawing quickly and accurately.

Drawing Tips
Tips on How to Draw Zayn Malik:

  • This reference image is an artistic portrait shot of Zayn Malik.
  • What make it unique and striking is the angle that his head is cocked at and also the direction of his gaze. But this will also make your drawing more difficult if your goal is to make the drawing look realistic.
  • So, before you get going with shading your drawing of Zayn, spend some time studying his features in relation to the grid.
  • To get your drawing looking as realistic as possible, concentrate on the size shape and placement of his features within each grid block.
  • Don’t stress about the entire drawing, just focus on one grid block as a time. 🙂
  • Forget about what the shape of a “typical” eye or mouth looks like, instead only focus on the size, angle and shapes of the detail you see within each grid block.
  • Once you have all the shapes in place, erase the grid and begin shading.
  • First look at the shadows, mid tones and light areas. By seeing how these tones interact and blend into each other it will help you to work your tones up to create the illusion of depth and contour in your drawing.
  • There are a lot of crisp lines in the image — like those on the left side of his face and body. Use harder pencils (H, 2H) to create a hard outline, then use softer pencils (2B, 4B) to fill in the darker tones.
  • Use softer pencils (B, 2B, 4B) to shade in the tones in his face.
  • See how the dark shadows on the left side of his face blend into lighter and then mid tones. When you shade in “round areas” (like Zayn’s cheek and forehead) let your hand move in the same direction. Imagine as you shade you were actually drawing on his face or forehead — this will help you to move your hand and pencil to mirror the same contours as the features on his face.
  • Use a harder pencil (2H, H, B) to fill in the detailed areas, like his eyebrows, stubble and eyes.
  • See the section called “Building up Shadows” in our guide on “How to Shade Your Portrait” for help.

How to Draw

  1. Click on the grid and gray-scale images below of Zayn Malik to enlarge them
  2. Right click on each image and save them on your computer or tablet
  3. Print out both images or keep them open on your computer or tablet to view while you’re drawing
  4. Set up a 5 x 7 grid on your sketch pad. If you don’t know how to, read this: “How to Set Up a Grid in 2 Minutes”
  5. Then using the grid image below of Zayn Malik as a reference, draw the outlines of the shapes and shadows onto the grid on your sketch pad. If you need some guidance, click here to see our demo: “Demo: How to Draw a Portrait Step by Step”
  6. Once you have completed the outline drawing, begin shading your portrait. If you are a beginner at shading, click here for tips: “How to Shade Your Portrait”
  7. Well done! By following these instructions, you’re are on your way to learning how to draw Zayn Malik

1) Grid Image: Zayn Malik

How to Draw Zayn Malik Using a Grid

How to Draw Zayn Malik Using a Grid: This grid image will help you to accurately draw in the shapes and shadows of your drawing of Zayn Malik

2) Gray-scale Image: Zayn Malik

How to Draw Zayn Malik: Gray-scale image

How to Draw Zayn Malik: Gray-scale image to help you match the gray tones when you shade in your drawing of Zayn Malik

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