How to Draw Marilyn Monroe

Put your pencil to  Marilyn Monroe, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women to have lived.

Follow the instructions below and read the drawing tips on how to draw Marilyn Monroe, and you’ll be able to complete your drawing quickly and accurately.

Drawing Tips
Tips on How to Draw Marilyn Monroe:

  • Marilyn Monroe has very distinctive features: The arched eyebrows, parted lips, half closed eyes flanked by long eyelashes and a unique style of quaffed and curled hair.
  • To ensure your drawing bears a close resemblance, make sure you capture these features correctly in your initial outlines on your grid drawing.
  • Pay careful attention to small details like the slight tilt of her head.
  • The features on the left side of her face are titling down at an angle, all slightly lower than her features on the right.
  • If you are battling to see this. Print out the grid image of Marilyn and then using a ruler and pen, draw lines on the image to show the angle of her lips from the corner of one side of her mouth to the other. Do the same with her nostril, eyes and eyebrows.
  • When drawing her hair, don’t try to draw every strand of her hair individually.
  • Recognize the graduation of tones instead as they move from light to mid to dark tones. The trick to drawing hair realistically is to remember that unless there is a harsh light with a strong crisp edge, most tones fade from one into the other.

How to Draw

  1. Click on the grid and gray-scale images below of Marilyn Monroe to enlarge them
  2. Right click on each image and save them on your computer or tablet
  3. Print out both images or keep them open on your computer or tablet to view while you’re drawing
  4. Set up a 5 x 7 grid on your sketch pad. If you don’t know how to, read this: “How to Set Up a Grid in 2 Minutes”
  5. Then using the grid image below of Marilyn Monroe as a reference, draw the outlines of the shapes and shadows onto the grid on your sketch pad. If you need some guidance, click here to see our demo: “Demo: How to Draw a Portrait Step by Step”
  6. Once you have completed the outline drawing, begin shading your portrait. If you are a beginner at shading, click here for tips: “How to Shade Your Portrait”
  7. Well done! By following these instructions, you’re are on your way to learning how to draw Marilyn Monroe

1) Grid Image: Marilyn Monroe

How to Draw Marilyn Monroe: Grid

How to Draw Marilyn Monroe Using a Grid: This grid image will help you to accurately draw in the shapes and shadows of your drawing of Marilyn Monroe


2) Gray-scale Image: Marilyn Monroe

How to Draw Marilyn Monroe: Gray-scale

How to Draw Marilyn Monroe: Gray-scale image to help you match the gray tones when you shade in your drawing of Marilyn Monroe


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