How to Draw Beyonce

This is a beautiful photo of Beyonce that will create a stunning drawing. There is a lot of scope for you to practice your shading and blending in this drawing.

Follow the instructions below and read the tips to learn how to draw Beyonce realistically, easily and quickly.

Drawing Tips
Tips on How to Draw Beyonce:

  • The lightest areas in this portrait are the highlights in Beyonce’s eyes, on her lips and the reflective metal on her earring. To achieve maximum impact, you’ll need to keep these areas clean and white against the darker backgrounds.
  • To create a clean edge around these highlights, use a sharp, hard pencil (2H, H or F) to draw the outlines around the highlights. This will create a harder edge than you would get if you used a softer pencil like the 2B.
  • Use a sharp F or B pencil to get the detailed lines in her eyebrows, work over the lines with a softer pencil such as a 2B to get a darker tone.
  • There are a lot of dark shadows in this portrait. Remember when you are developing shadows in your drawing, it is best to have a range of softer pencils like a 2B, 4B and 6B.
  • Don’t be tempted to press too hard on your drawing when working into shadows — you don’t want to damage your paper by creating indentation marks. Instead you should build up your tone slowly and evenly.
  • See the section called “Building up Shadows” in our guide on “How to Shade Your Portrait” for help.
  • In this drawing of Beyonce you’ll have an opportunity to work with blending to build up the subtle tonal graduations in her skin. See how smooth the transition is in the tones as they move from light to darker, providing the illusion of roundness and depth.
  • Use a tissue over your finger to lightly blend soft pencil strokes in the cheekbone, chin and forehead areas. Then work over these areas lightly with a soft pencil and broad strokes.


How to Draw

  1. Click on the grid and gray-scale images below of Beyonce to enlarge them
  2. Right click on each image and save them on your computer or tablet
  3. Print out both images or keep them open on your computer or tablet to view while you’re drawing
  4. Set up a 5 x 7 grid on your sketch pad. If you don’t know how to, read this: “How to Set Up a Grid in 2 Minutes”
  5. Then using the grid image below of Beyonce as a reference, draw the outlines of the shapes and shadows onto the grid on your sketch pad. If you need some guidance, click here to see our demo: “Demo: How to Draw a Portrait Step by Step”
  6. Once you have completed the outline drawing, begin shading your portrait. If you are a beginner at shading, click here for tips: “How to Shade Your Portrait”
  7. Well done! By following these instructions, you’re are on your way to completing your drawing of Beyonce

1) Grid Image: Beyonce

How to Draw Beyonce Using a Grid

How to Draw Beyonce Using a Grid: This grid image will help you to accurately draw in the shapes and shadows of your portrait of Beyonce


2) Gray-scale Image: Beyonce

How to Draw Beyonce

How to Draw Beyonce: Gray-scale image to help you match the gray tones when you shade in your drawing of Beyonce.


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